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No More Running: Azula and Sokka comic by Lulu-Lomaki No More Running: Azula and Sokka comic :iconlulu-lomaki:Lulu-Lomaki 206 112
Mature content
What Sokka and Azula Didn't Expect (1) :iconnasty-avatar:nasty-avatar 5 3
Retroactive: Chapter 4
Interlude the First
The Past
Sokka and Zuko took their first steps into the Kingdom of Insanity.
It was a bright, warm day on the island of Mi Mang, but Sokka did not feel it. Passing through the front gates of the Home put too much of a chill in his bones, bones that withstood the deadly winds of the South Pole without a problem. Some chills, though, went deeper than mere flesh and skeleton. They could cast a gray pall over even the sun itself. Pausing at the building's front door, Sokka glanced to his friend standing beside him and asked, "You ready?"
Zuko let out a strong, completely defeated breath. "Yeah." Looking up from his feet, he added, "Thanks for coming with me."
Sokka shook his head. "Don't mention it. Unless I really need you to return the favor, then you can feel free to remember it." He pushed the door open and stepped inside.
The administrator was waiting as agreed. Lady Bokujin stood in the front hall, all serene grace and wise wrinkles. She bowed at the wai
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 13 17
Avatar Mini Comic 2- Part 2 by kkitty23 Avatar Mini Comic 2- Part 2 :iconkkitty23:kkitty23 473 46 ATLA Sokka Proposes v2 by vick330 ATLA Sokka Proposes v2 :iconvick330:vick330 229 243 Oekaki Dump by MaMoNoShOjO Oekaki Dump :iconmamonoshojo:MaMoNoShOjO 14 5
Retroactive - Chapter 27
The Legacy of Princess Azula
No one noticed when they brought Azula's body back to Yu Dao.
By the time Sokka and Meisai returned from the wreckage of the Flying Bosco, the tent village around the city had become a bustling open-air crisis center. Those of the city's defenders with injuries- both the rebels from Azula's army and the civilians who had joined in at the sight of the fires- were being treated by everyone with a bit of healing experience. Those whose homes had been burned were being given shelter in the tents that had room. Children who had lost parents were being cared for and fed by small communities that sprung up on the spot. Sokka had wanted to shut it all out, to focus on the lifeless body he cradled in his arms while Meisai steered the komodo rhino they shared back to the city, but his mind just didn't work like that. He couldn't help but notice things- like the Firebender cauterizing the wound of a man in green, or the woman calling out that any kids wh
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 6 6
Retroactive - Epilogue
Epilogue - The Invisible One
As Chief Investigator of the United Republic, Sokka normally didn’t bother with Republic City street brawls- at least those that didn't offer the possibility of nailing one of the depressingly major crime figures- but one Firebender taking out a gang of five Red Monsoon Waterbenders was striking enough to prompt him to drop by the crime scene. He saw many strange things, traveling the lands of the United Republic and fire-ferreting out trouble, but somehow the most interesting stuff always came from Republic City.
When he arrived Downtown, he made straight for Toph. "So, Chief, where's our hero?"
"What are you doing here? This isn't a hate crime." Toph, of course, didn't turn to face him, but Sokka was used to that. "Don't tell me this guy's connected?"
"Not that I know of. I'm just being nosy and trying to ruin your investigation. As usual."
Toph snorted, and turned to where a coup
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 7 24
Mature content
Scribble Heart :iconmadasajo92:Madasajo92 5 2
Sokkla Saturdays Drabbles
1) Fascination
The ministers had been banished and didn’t come back, ex-Loser Lord Ozai wasn’t feeling helpful, and Iroh’s knowledge of the court was several years out of date. When Zuko admitted that he was in urgent need of political information, it didn’t take Sokka long to figure out the most likely source of intelligence.
That’s how he wound up in Princess Azula’s abandoned bedroom, going through stacks of journals and putting his boots up on the bed.
It turned out that she was quite the cataloguer, and had indeed written plenty down- everything from her training schedule to the details of the meetings she attended. Sokka earmarked the stuff that would help Zuko, but found himself engrossed in the more mundane material as well.
Then he found a journal devoted to him. Aang, Katara, and Toph all shared one, and that writing was fairly dry. But his- it filled pages and pages, and was written in Azula’s true voice. She had listed his victories
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 4 6
Throw Her Overboard - Chapter 1
The first problem came up five minutes into the mission, and Sokka was okay with that timing. He had prepared for the ship suddenly springing a leak, the crew getting hit with the fastest and worst case of homesickness in history, a storm magically forming in the sky above to strike the ship with lightning, and an iceberg containing the 'Anti-Avatar' popping up from the ocean depths and smacking against the hull, among other things.
Just about the only thing he wasn't prepared for was Princess Azula walking out onto the ship's main deck and saying, "So, what's our first stop?"
Five minutes into the mission, Princess Azula walked out onto the ship's main deck and said, "So, what's our first stop?"
Standing up at the bow of the junk taking a sighting, Sokka blinked in order to give himself time to think. It sure seemed to be Azula, wearing just a simple black tunic that couldn't have been protecting her at all from the frigid South Pole air. But how could she have gotten aboar
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 8 5
Throw Her Overboard - Chapter 2
On the fifth day of their voyage, Sokka checked the ship's current longitude and latitude using a device he had helped a little to invent (if an off-hand and half-joking suggestion that went on to inspire an actual good idea counted) and waved for Kassuq the Lookout's attention. "Send up the flare, and keep a watch on."
No sooner had he finished speaking than Sokka felt a looming presence behind him, and he turned around to find Azula doing the looming, despite the fact that he was a head taller than her. She was wearing one of his shirts over the black tunics she seemed to favor now, and had it tied completely wrong.
"We're rendezvousing with someone." There was no question mark at the end, and Azula didn’t seem to be waiting for an answer.
Nevertheless, Sokka provided one with forced cheer in his voice: "Good guess! Considering that you’re wanted for crimes against civilization by every nation on the planet, I suggest you go find someplace to hide, like the
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 5 3
Throw Her Overboard - Chapter 7
There was a long, quiet moment following Sokka's pronouncement, and then Azula gave a laugh about as genuine as anything else she had done in the last month. "You're in charge? I fail to see how. I command the Pirates, now. I'm the one taking over Admiral Kaizoku's spy network. I'm the one with the cleverly-worded threats of violence. As soon as my new minions are done melting down and casting the gold, I'm even going to have an adorable little crown. What do you have?"
Sokka smiled back at her, not feeling intimidated in the least. Azula had made one major mistake- she failed to learn enough about him to predict his actions. But then, that was a mistake a lot of people had made. He prided himself on his unpredictability, even if that made his dating life a disaster. "I have the information you need. Yes, you can threaten the people I love like family, and probably make good on those threats. You can torture me until I scream what you want to hear- and don't pretend
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 4 5
atla_Hello Adam by Koutenka atla_Hello Adam :iconkoutenka:Koutenka 25 19 Tokka - Protection by Porcubird Tokka - Protection :iconporcubird:Porcubird 1,325 195
The Dragon and the Wolf Ch 1
                                         The Dragon and the Wolf
                                 Chapter One:  White Lotus, Black Sword

A hooded man placed a tile in the center of the Pai Sho board.  The old man across from him smiled.  "I see you favor the white lotus gambit.  Not many still cling to the ancient ways."
"Those who do can always find a friend," the stranger replied in a low voice that hid as much as his dark attire.  He shifted and his black cloak slipped, revealing the hilt of a sword.  If the old man noticed the weapon he gave no indicati
:iconcapt-ba:Capt-BA 107 135
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